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Quick Tips To Save Time and Money

I have a few tips to start the week off--some you may have heard and tried before, but maybe you will come across one that you have yet to try!

1. Missing game pieces can ruin a board game. Try taping a small resealable plastic bag on the inside of the box lids to hold all the loose parts.

2. A D.I.Y natural cleaner for laminated wood floors: Mix 2 Tbs. baby shampoo with one gallon of water. Dip mop in and wring thoroughly until almost dry. Mop and then dry off the floor with a soft clean cloth.

3. Got little kitchen bugs? Try putting a couple of dried bay leaves in with bags of rice, oatmeal and cereal (the stuff those weird little bugs love to get into!) The slight odor of the leaves repels the bugs (do not ask me why, hehe) but will not affect the flavor of the food.

4. Use an old glove to clean dust off your houseplant leaves--this will quickly clean both sides of the leaves.

5. Lipstick stains can make you think about throwing away a shirt-- try this tip and save a shirt instead! On washable fabrics, cover the stain with  petroleum jelly. Let it sit for two minutes, then rub gently with your fingers. The glycerin should break down the oils in the lipstick so the color will lift off easily. If an oily stain remains, sprinkle with baking soda.

6. Worn out bath towels can be made fluffy again with some ammonia. Add 1/2 cup to the rinse cycle (do not add bleach!), then dry as usual. The ammonia dissolves buildup from fabric softener and body oils that are keeping the towels from being cleaned right. A bonus: the ammonia will also get rid of any mildew odors on towels!

7. Shine up the metal faucets in your house with a quick wipe of a cotton ball soaked dipped in white vinegar.

8. Clean your coffee maker if your morning cup of coffee is not tasting so good anymore! Pour a solution of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water into the water reservoir, then run the machine. Follow with two cycles of cold water. This should remove mineral build-ups, coffee residue and hard water deposits so your next cup of coffee should be perfect!

9. Clean your blender by filling it halfway with water, just a drop of dish soap and 1 Tbs. baking soda. Put the lid on and press blend. The baking soda will deodorize as it breaks down food particles. Your blender should be sparkling clean in no time.

10. Save money by adding a 1/2 cup of baking soda in with your laundry detergent for soft odor-free clothes and skip buying pricey fabric softeners.


EINz said…
Thanks for sharing! I'll eager to try #10. Baking soda instead of fabric conditioner... =D
The Budget Diet said…
I recently added 1 cup of vinegar along with my regular detergent to a load of towels to remove a mildew smell...worked like a charm! The towels smelled fresh - not like mildew or vinegar!
Toyin O. said…
These are great tips, thanks for sharing.
christyflwrs said…
Awesome tips! I'd say to switch to a prepaid cell phone too. I pay practically nothig $45/month for unlimited talk text and data. I don't have to worry about overage fees. Definitely work checking out.
Irene said…
Hi EINz! Thanks for stopping by!
Irene said…
The Budget Diet--Vinegar is an excellent idea! Thanks so much for sharing that tip!
Irene said…
Hi christyflwrs, so happy you stopped by! I have used prepaid before too and loved it: I could only spend what I could really afford each month on my cell phone. Loved not having a monthly bill too!

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