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Save Money, Save Time When Shopping Online!

The following sponsored post was provided by Bargain Jill—Your Free Personal Discount Shopper!

I know we are still in July, but how many of us are already starting to think about Christmas? Yep, Christmas in July is here, and I am already thinking of the shopping lists I need to make and what gifts to buy everyone. Eek. Like always, I will try and do most of my shopping online this year - I love shopping online not only because it can be a time and money saver, but also as a mom with kids, it can be a real stress-saver too! I wanted to share another site I have recently came across and am loving- Bargain Jill.

Bargain Jill compiles deals, coupons, and storewide sales from across the web, eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple bargain sites. The site’s team has partnered with thousands of well-known brands like Macy’s, Sears, and Home Depot to pack the most powerful punch of bargains possible. Bargain Jill features a variety of items so that women can refurnish their house with the home and garden deals page and spoil themselves to a new pair of wedges from the women's clothing deals page.

It's like shopping at Walmart but without having to search for parking!

Bargain Jill saves visitors even more time with the site’s user-friendliness. The site is specifically tailored towards women—featuring items like women’s clothing and accessories, beauty products, home and garden goods, and children’s items—so that women don’t have to waste time looking at men-centric bargains.

But for the men out there- don't worry: Bargain Jill has a male-counterpart site which is just as cool -  named Bargain Jack. Both sites were created by Austin native Dustin DeVries who felt that people were spending too much time bargain shopping and that they needed a way to save both money and time.

Users can sort deals by deal type, item type, vendor store, and recentness, and best of all, users can search for specific items using the search bar. If Jill doesn’t have a specific item, the site will show Price Grabber's listings and price comparisons for that item.

Best of all, if you  follow all Jill on Twitter, by RSS and via her newsletter--so you will never miss a great deal!


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