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Save Money By Making Extra Money

We can do all we can to stretch those dollars every week, but as we probably have all wondered at one point or another, how can I save money when there is no money to save at the end of the week? Maybe we have successfully made it through yet another week and tightened up our budgets to pay that electric bill,  pay the sign up fees for Little League, or pay the Vet. You know what I mean....there are always expenses that pop up on a weekly/daily basis that make actual saving money tough if not impossible.

So I thought I'd throw in a few ideas from time to time on ways to make a little extra money that could actually be saved --in other words, put away and never touched. Or, be there for that next unexpected expense that comes that tutu your 4 year old daughter wants so badly. Just saying.

I came across a website recently --some of you may already know of it-- called Emerging Cast. It is not going to make you rich, nor pay too many bills, but it might help you out with that tutu. Basically you write fairly short articles on the websites template (sort of like "how-to tutorials" ) and when the article is accepted (you may get asked to do minor revisions first...and maybe not,) you get paid.

Once you sign up with Emerging Cast, you immediately have access to their list of writing assignments to choose from. There are a million categories (okay...I exaggerate,) to choose from such as parenting, sports, health, food, drinks, etc. Each category has a long list of available writing assignments (such as, how to remove a hickey. I kid you not.). Claim the assignment, write it and submit.

Sounds pretty good so far, you are thinking? It is a way to make some extra cash each month, but here is the part you may or may not like--most articles I have seen are paying $2. Yep, I did warn you that this will not be a 'get rich' thing, didn't I? But before you shake your head at me, think about it. 20 minutes to write up a short "how to" can mean $2 in your account. Write one article a day and that is $60 at the end of the month. If you just do nothing with that money...that would be $720/year. And of course, you may decide to write more than one article a day. (You just have to write the first, get it accepted, before they let you take on more assignments.)

So there is my "way to make some extra money" idea for this week. Do with it what you may. If you decide to check it out, go to (and this is not me trying to make a dollar of you as an affiliate,.... I am not an affiliate or anything like that . Notice the absence of links to click?) Just tossing out an idea on this Saturday for anyone sitting at home wondering how to make an extra buck or two, literally, in their spare time!

Happy Saturday!


Pammy pam said…
thanks for the tip! check out as well.
Irene said…
Thanks Pam! All tips for making extra money are welcome!!

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