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Making Extra Money to Save With Postloop


I came across Postloop just a couple of weeks ago,but I have already made over $60 this month (October.)

What is Postloop?

Postloop is a paid forum exchange where you Earn Money Posting comments and answers to other poster's questions.

Pretty simple!

If you already visit forums, say a How to Work From Home forum, then you already are posting and joining in, right? You answer posts from other users, and you start threads-ask your own questions, etc.

That is what you do at Postloop.

But you get paid to do it!

There are lists of forums you can join at Postloop. You look through the list, sign up for the ones that interest you, i.e, pet forums, health, making money, games, religion, etc.

You visit the forums and join in that community by posting. For every single post you contribute, you will earn points. It fluctuates, but the average points per post will be between  1.5 to 2 points.

You can request a withdrawal when you have reached a minimum of 100 points. That will be about $5.00.
Withdrawals are usually made within a couple of hours, but no longer than 24 hours. And your money is deposited into Paypal. So I have made request for payout and have been paid just an hour or two later. Awesome.

The Details

To Join: 

1. Go to the Postloop Portal.
2. Register for free.
3. You will be instructed to make 10 posts at the Postloop Portal (this is a qualifying step to actually join the program)

After you make 10 posts, Postloop will review your account. You should receive an email w/in 24 hours either approving your posts or not.

** A word about the trial posting**
This is pretty simple, so do not worry. They want to see quality posts, not just 'oh, how cool, thanks for sharing!' type posts. Try to make your posts 3-4 sentences, with no spelling errors and decent content. Also, be sure to start some new threads as well as answering other posts. 

Okay, once you get accepted by Postloop, you will be directed to your dashboard. Here you will see the quality rating you received for your 10 trial posts. The higher the rating, the better. As you post on other forms, you will receive ratings from those forum owners. You will want to consistently add quality posts and new threads as this will help you have a good rating. Your rating needs to be above the average rating to withdraw your money. I have stayed above the norm consistently since about a day after joining. It may take a day or so to get your rating up to the withdrawal level as forum owners only send in their ratings after you have made 5 posts on their forum.

From your dashboard, you will see a tab labeled 'forums.' Click on it and check out the list of forums you can join. Register at a forum you like, then make sure you subscribe to that forum as well! If you do not subscribe, you will not earn points for posting!

To subscribe: After you have finished registering on a forum, go back to the list of all forums. Find the forum you just joined and you will see an icon on the far right hand column that you click on to subscribe. Just click and subscribe.

Sign up and subscribe to as many forums as you wish, then get busy posting! On your dashboard, you will see a tab that says, 'Subscriptions.' On this page you will see your list of forums that you have subscribed to. Next to each one will be the number of posts you may make each day on that forum. Most forums will allow 5-10 posts. 

I will not lie and say you can make posts easily and be up to 100 points in a jiffy. It does take time. I usually get to 100 every day ($5), depending on how much time I can devote to this. But if you try to post short fast posts, your rating will go down and you may not be able to withdraw. Plus, Postloop can close your account. But if you are like me, you are going to have fun interacting and will have no problem making quality posts.

This is a great way to make a little extra money for stocking stuffers too!

Interested? Here is my link to Postloop (I appreciate you joining with it if you do!), and have fun while making money!

Irene / Author & Editor

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