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4 Money-Saving Household Tips For Summer

This week has been a busy week with the kids home from school and such, and time for blogging has been pretty meager. But I have a few tidbits to share quickly today, and will try to get more posts up very soon!

Thursday Thrifty Tips today ( I kind of like the sound of that):

1, Keep your lettuce fresher longer by putting a piece of bread in the plastic bag (if you store your lettuce in a plastic bag at all.) The slice of bread will help absorb moisture and will help keep the lettuce from wilting.

2. Got backyard bbq's, picnics and parties going on this summer? Then you probably are seeing ants around tables looking for crumbs. After the party, when you are clearing those patio tables, wipe them down with white vinegar. The acetic acid deodorizes the table and hides the scent of sugar from spilled drinks .... which of course, lures the ants.

3. For a fast natural way to deodorize your kitchen, slice 2 lemons, layer on a foil-lined cookie sheet and bake them in a pre-heated oven at 225 degrees for about 60 minutes. After the oven cools down, open the doors and let the scent fill the room.

4. In the summer, garbage cans seem to be more prone to hungry and curious "visitors" like raccoons. Try sprinkling Epsom Salt around the trash bins to deter animals. They do not like the salt, but it will not harm them...just make hem want to check out someone else's trash instead.


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All of these ideas start with a clean empty soup can with no jagged edges. For some you may want to peel off the labels, others you might just leave the labels on!

1.. Having a picnic? Use empty Campbells soup cans as utensil holders for plastic forks and spoons on the picnic tables. (leave labels on ..adds a colorful unique touch!)

2.. Make a Halloween Decoration. Cover a soup can in black construction paper or fabric. Add some cut out eyes. For wings, color a paper plate black, Cut the plate in half. For each half, cut scalloped edges along one side, then glue "wings" to the side of the "bat can."

And a few more easy ways to recycle empty soup cans:

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This idea came from I just changed a couple of things, but basically the costume idea is the same.

Home Made Spider Costume

long sleeve black top/shirt
4 long black socks
newspaper, grocery bags, paper bags, or anything else you can use to stuff the socks with
a black knit cap
black yarn

Stuff each sock with paper or bags or filling of some sort.

Attach each sock to the side seams of the shirt (two socks on each side)
(I would suggest sewing the socks to securely attach them to the shirt, but duct tape can probably work as well.)

Next,  you will want to attach the black yarn in-between each sock and the cuffs of the shirt. This can be done in a couple of different ways. You can use the duct tape to attach a yarn piece at the cuff of the sleeve, and then tape the end of the yarn on t…

Make Your Own Strawberry Facial Scrub

Wondering what to do with summer strawberries that are getting soft and mushy? Instead of throwing them away, use them to make this awesome facial scrub that smells as good as it feels.

3-Ingredient Strawberry Facial Scrub

All you need are 2 strawberries, 1 tsp. honey and 1/4 cup sugar. That's it.

Blend the strawberries and yogurt together in a blender for a few minutes or until you get a smooth mixture. Then add the sugar slowly until you see a grainy pinkish paste.

Gently massage the strawberry paste on your face for a minute or so. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

Strawberries contain salicylic acid - an ingredient used to fight acne and other skin blemishes. So while you are enjoying the sweet strawberry scent, you are helping your skin at the same time.

A new use for old strawberries.