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Save Money,Lose Weight

Going shopping for groceries takes a big bite out of our budget. I admit I personally am not a big coupon-user. I know, I should be reading the Sunday papers, cutting out coupons and scouring online coupon sites. I know. I should be following coupon-ing blogs and going shopping at CVS and using my coupons and saving money (even making money!).

But I don't use coupons. At least not on a regular basis. I could use improvement on my coupon-using skills. There I said it. But I do need to save money when I go grocery shopping, or take out a second mortgage to cover the family's food bill.

So I love articles like the one I read on Yahoo this morning. It's about eating pasta (always a money saving meal) and still losing weight while doing so. Some pasta, veggies and a salad is a no-brainer when it comes to eating on a budget, but doesn't eating too pasta pack on the pounds? Or at the very least, keep us firmly at the weight we are already not happy with instead of trimming away the pounds?

Not necessarily, according to this article.

Some carbs can actually help you feel fuller longer and fight fat.The secret is in the fiber. Some Whole grains, oats, certain legumes and even popcorn have high fiber. And when people follow a high-fiber diet—at least 34 grams of fiber a day—they absorb up to 6 percent fewer calories, research shows.

But hold on to those pastas and breads one minute. There are some important carb-eating rules to follow:

Look for whole grains versions of rice, bread and pasta which are high in fat-fighting fiber that fills you up better than the white carbs. Choose whole-grain pastas and replace your usual loaf of bread with one that offers 4 to 5 g fiber per slice. Choose whole-grain waffles, whole wheat pizza dough, brown rice and whole-wheat totillas.

Second, remember to watch your portions! The great thing about switching to high fiber whole wheat carbs is that even though whole grains contain the same number of calories as refined or white carbs, they serve up more fiber, so you’ll be satisfied with a smaller portion. So that fiber is important (and healthy!).



I stumbled upon your site and love your saving money ideas. Thank you for posting so many great ideas. I actually have a blog called Frugally Thrifty ( and I offer nationwide grocery store matchups, an online coupon class, coupon binder, giveaways, and free offers. If you are interested in learning how to use coupons on a regular basis, please hop on over and start learning!

I know, personally that grocery shopping can take a "big bite" out of your budget. I used to spend anywhere from $400-$500 a month on groceries alone. This did not include buying food for our pets or household cleaning products. Using coupons and running Frugally Thrifty has allowed me to bring my grocery, pet food, and household cleaner total each month between $200-$250. It is very empowering to save so much!

If you do decide to check out my site and don't see a store in your area listed, please email me at: kristi @ frugallythrifty (dot) com and I can locate those matchups to be added for you. I hope this information will help you save even more money on your budget!

Take Care,

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