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Save Money This Weekend : 10 Things You Don't Need To Buy!

1. Another Pair of Jeans. Seriously. Not even if they are on sale. Put down the jeans and march out of the store, head held high and wallet still full.

2. Cute knick-knacks at a swap meet. Unless you plan on having a garage sale soon yourself, why do you need another knick-knack?? Ignore the cute ceramic piggy salt and pepper shakes. They are SO NOT calling your name!

3. A new (expensive) book at a book store. Visit your library. It is painless and free. Try it.

4. That cute doggie sweater for Fido. Or a new diamond-studded leash. (Is it really a sign of your love to pamper your pooch with expensive stuff?) Take Fido for a play-date at a local dog park. He'll love you for it!

5. A pricey Sunday brunch at the restaurant. Scramble some eggs and eat at home. For an extra treat, count the money you just saved (and the calories!)

6. A movie ticket (not to mention the movie theater snack bar....yikes!) Make popcorn and rent a movie from Redbox.

7. A car wash. Exercise. Splash a little. Wash your car yourself. Tip yourself, and save it!

8. That Manicure. And/or Pedicure. At least this one time. Paint your own nails and think about the money safe and snug still in your wallet!

9. That extra bottle of wine. Sure it's the weekend,but your health and your wallet can't tell the difference. Treat both a little kinder. Skip the extra bottle -- your body will thank-you.

10. Those expensive spring-cleaning products at the grocery stores! Make your own cleaning products and save money and the environment!


Sandy said…
Agree with you on everything except the wine. Hell, gotta enjoy yourself.

I'll insert instead save the money you spend on dog or cat food, vet bills, and or dog and cat insurance. Don't have a pet. They're expensive! And save extra money cause your allergies won't need extra attention.


Oh and with all the snow on the ground, you really can't wash your own car right now; so we'll need to leave car wash on the list of things to spend money on. Getting the salt off the car is a good thing.

Traveling Suitcase
Irene said…
OK...gotta say I like the wine comment!!

But pets are good for your mood and healt, ya know...gotta at least have one!

We have no snow yea, I'll be washing my car myself. (maybe I will treat myself to tat extra bottle of wine as a reward! *wink)
Great saving tips, however I tend to agree to disagree on the wine. Also I would add you don't need Premium Cable TV subscriptions, chances are you don't watch half the channels anyway. Figure out what channels you really watch and use free resources like to watch your favorite shows.


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