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Save Money Using Banana Peels

Try some of these tips and tricks around the house using banana peels. You might save some money by not running out and buying products at the store.

For Scrapes and Skinned Knees: The oil in banana skin will soothe and promote healing.

For Plant Fertilizer and Nutrient: Let a  banana peel air dry, then crumble the dried banana peel and place it in a paper bag. Let the banana peel sit at room temperature for about two days.  Mix well in the soil around plants to give them an extra potassium boost!

Polish Your Silver: Put banana peels in a blender and blend till they are a creamy mixture. Then, polish your silver with the mixture and smile at the shine!

Polish Your Shoes: Rub the inside of the banana peel around your leather shoes to give them a shine. Wipe and buff with a soft cloth for a perfect shoe shine. The inside of banana peels have oil and potassium..two things found in most commercial shoe polish that you would buy at the store, minus the chemicals. So you save money and go greener at the same time!

Dust the Plants: Banana peels are great for dusting your household plants, and leaves them shiny and moist.

Soothe Stings and Bites: I have heard that rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a bee sting or red ant bite will help soothe. ** I have not tried this personally, so would love to hear back from others who have tried this tip**

Warts: It has been said that the potassium from inside the banana peel will help warts go away when you rub speel on warts. **Again, have not tried this one, and would love to hear from others that have tried this**

Whiten Your Teeth: I love this one. Rub your teeth with the inside peel of a banana skin with a bit of salt on it. It is said to make a difference in a few days. Word of caution here: Do not use salt on your teeth everyday as this will erode tooth enamel. Rather, do this every three days or so. But rubbing the banana peel on your teeth before brushing daily (sans salt every day) is said to help whiten teeth naturally after about two weeks.

Irene / Author & Editor

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