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Free Toy Coupons To Print Out

How To Clean Vases With Mineral Deposit Stains

Try these suggestions to get rid of mineral deposit stains in vases and re-use them again to put gorgeous fall flowers in! And if the three cleaning methods below don't work, you can always try number 4 on the list to 'hide' those mineral deposits!

1. Put some baking soda in the vase, then add vinegar to just above the mineral deposit stains (where you see the whitish residue.) The solution will bubble a bit - kind of like Alka Seltzer (which just might work as well?!) Let the vase sit for a couple of hours with the solution inside. Then empty and rinse well with water.

2. Try denture tablets to get rid of mineral deposits! Fill the vase with water then drop in 1-2 denture tablets (i.e. Polident.) Let the vase sit overnight, then shake, empty and rinse well.

3. Fill the vase with white vinegar (and water if the vase is large) and let sit for a few hours. Add some rice, cover the top of the vase and shake! Hopefully the rice will help loosen tough mineral stains. Then rins…

4 Things Cooking Oil Can Clean (To Save You Some Money!)

Cooking oils such as vegetable oil and olive oil can be used for more than just cooking - and can save you some money. The vegetable oil, olive oil and sunflower oils that you have in your kitchen make great all natural cleansers. Here are just 5 things you can use cooking oils for around your house:

1. Got paint on your hands? Rub some cooking oil into your skin, then wash with warm water and soap.

2. Shine up your leather goods with vegetable oil. Just wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust from the item, then rub a drop of vegetable oil on the item using a soft clean cloth. Buff with a dry chamois if you like. This is great for scuffed leather shoes.

3. Make a scrubbing paste with some cooking oil and salt. Use it to clean cast iron pots and pans.

4. Make your own furniture polish with 2 cups olive oil or vegetable oil and lemon juice (one lemon should be enough.)

5 More Natural Cleansers You Have at Home

10 More Ways To Save Money Using Lemons

3 Uses For Common Household Items

Frighteningly Frugal Halloween Costume Idea

Looking for a super easy homemade Halloween costume that is cute and cheap to make? This adorable children's costume only needs a couple of stuffed animals, an umbrella and a raincoat! Rain boots would make this costume idea even better, but definitely are not a 'must -have' item.

How To Make All Natural Face Paint For Halloween

Source: Real Simple

Air Wick Coupon And Kelloggs FiberPlus Bars Coupon: Great Deals To Start The Week!

Here are two excellent coupons to start the new week! (Can you believe how fast this month is going?)

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There you go- Happy Monday!

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3 Uses For Common Household Items

You can save some money this week just by using 3 common items you have in your house:

Clean Brass with Worcestershire Sauce Just put a few drops on a clean soft damp cloth and rub gently to polish brass candlestick holders, brass pots etc.

Easily Remove Burnt Food With Soda First scrape off the burnt food stuck to the bottom of your pot, then pour in enough soda to cover the bottom of the pot.

Next, bring the liquid to a boil, let simmer for a few minutes. That stuck on food should be easy to remove after just a few minutes.

Freshen Up Mildew Smells With Chalk Chalk is good for absorbing moisture and nasty mildew odors around the house - especially hampers.
Put some pieces of broken chalk in a plastic bag. Then place the open bag (don't seal the baggie!) in laundry hampers to absorb smelly odors.