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Giveaway: Win a $50 Gift Card For Easter Shopping !!

The Best way to save money this Easter? Win a $50 Gift Card and go shopping for free at the Happy Easter Store!!

The Happy Easter Storeis giving one of my readers a $50 gift code (sent via email) to shop online with at their store. There are wonderful Easter Baskets to choose from, all filled with delicious Easter Chocolates, of course, and so much more!

Looking for some cute Easter decor for your home?

Maybe you are searching for some cute Easter outfits for the kids?

Or perhaps you would be interested in some jewelry?

Or fresh spring time flowers for your Easter table?

I had a very difficult time choosing which item to review, there are just so many adorable choices, but I finally settled on the Deluxe Godiva Indulgence Gift Basket.

When it arrived, we indulged in heavenly Godiva chocolate bars, cookies and truffles. This would be a lovely hostess gift for someone as well.

They also have assorted nut and fruit baskets, chocolate cakes, carrot cakes, sugar-free candy, and even decade…

Easy Money Saving Tips For Your Home

Save a little money, stress and time with some tips for your home:

Use salt to help remove burned-on food from pans. Just sprinkle about 1/2 cup salt and add 3 cups water to the pan (first remove any loose food). Then boil on stove for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Cover pan and let sit overnight. In the morning, scrape off loose food and wash as usual!

Remove candle wax from furniture by placing a baggie with ice on the drips. When the wax gets brittle, gently scrape off with a credit card. Polish gently if any residue remains.

Get pet hair out of carpet easily by wearing a rubber glove on your hand and running it over the carpet. Hairs will cling to the glove instantly.

Freshen carpets and rooms by sprinkling baking soda on your carpet. Wait an hour, then vacuum.

Got a sticky stain laundry problem? Just spray a little hairspray on the stain before washing. The rubbing alcohol in the spray breaks down the stickiness, making the stain easier to get out.

Save money by stretching…

Save Money With These 3 Websites (Even Get Free Stuff!)

Save money, get free stuff, and even get cash by visiting these 3 websites:

This is an auction site simliar to eBay, but everything is free! Yes, free. How it works:

A user lists something they don't want anymore. (like an old TV)
Other users bid on the TV using credits they received for signing up, referring friends or listing their own stuff.
When the auction ends, the user who bid the highest amount of credits wins!
The buyer gets the TV, and the seller gets credits to use for something else on Listia...
You can sell unused gift cards at Plastic Jungle and get up to 92% of the value. You can have the money deposited immediately into your PayPal account, have a check mailed to you, buy other gift cards for as much as 30% off, or donate to a favorite charity. I did this with some gift cards left over from Christmas--I had cash in a flash and loved it!
If you are planning to buy something soon, go to this website first to get breakdo…