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Save Money With This Saturday Shopping Deal

Ready to do some early Christmas Shopping? Think about it because now is the time to find deals out there, like this one:

Check out this deal at today: has a K'NEX Big Value tub (325 pieces) for just $10!

Normally priced at $21.88--this is a pretty good deal, I think. And if you  If you select the "Site to Store" option, then you don't have to pay shipping!

How To Make Some Extra Money From Home

Need to make some extra money so you can save some money? Or if you need some extra income to help with living expenses, try some freelance writing on the weekends.

Here are some sites to check out that will pay for articles submitted. Read each site's terms and conditions to make sure you are comfortable with how and when they pay, rights to articles you write, etc.

4. Examiner,com
5. Internet Brands
6. Demand

12 Ways To Save Money This Weekend

1.  Eat at home all weekend.

2.  Make your own coffee at home this weekend.

3.  Stay away from bookstores and magazine counters; Visit the library.

4.  Make casseroles and breakfast burritos for next week's menu.

5.  Do not rent any movies--visit the library!

6.  Play with the kids in the backyard. Skip bowling alleys, malls, theaters, etc.
7.  Switch to CFL lightbulbs this weekend, if you haven't already. (You can save up to $30 a month by using CFLs instead of regular light bulbs.)

8.  List your books that are sitting on shelves and in attics on

9.  Make a Christmas List and start planning homemade gifts to make this year.

10.Drink water, not soda, this weekend.

11.Eat meatless meals this weekend.

12. Plan next week's meals and just buy the items needed for the menu.

Things To Do With Empty Cans of Soup

All of these ideas start with a clean empty soup can with no jagged edges. For some you may want to peel off the labels, others you might just leave the labels on!

1.. Having a picnic? Use empty Campbells soup cans as utensil holders for plastic forks and spoons on the picnic tables. (leave labels on ..adds a colorful unique touch!)

2.. Make a Halloween Decoration. Cover a soup can in black construction paper or fabric. Add some cut out eyes. For wings, color a paper plate black, Cut the plate in half. For each half, cut scalloped edges along one side, then glue "wings" to the side of the "bat can."

And a few more easy ways to recycle empty soup cans:

3. Use a nail and hammer to poke hole sin the bottom of sop cans and use as herb planters. Place a plastic lid under can to prevent rust stains.
4. Make Candlesticks (great tutorial from "Me Making Do")
5. Make a Flower-Shaped Cookie Cutter.
6. Make a Hanukkah Gift out of a soup can.
7. Make a Christmas Lum…

Making Extra Money So You Can Save Money

For all of us that would love to save money every month, but rarely have any money left to save--here is another possible resource to check out.

Make lists.

Ok...I'll give you more info (since you are twisting my I right?)

There is a website, to be exact, that will pay $25 for original witty top ten lists. They do have a few caveats you need to follow:

1.Your list must have 10 items.
2. Spell check and then spell check again.
3. Format your list with descending numbers (10 to 1, with 1 being the highest rank).
4. Introduction: all lists should have an introduction.
5. Consistency: consistent heading names, consistent measurements (i.e. All empirical, not mixed up with metric), etc.
6. Context: each item should answer who, what, where, when (where appropriate).
7. Clarity: sentences should make sense, please proof and then proof again.
8. Content: A) PG-13 rated B) accurate: unless it’s an opinion – content should be backed up (if research was required it shou…

Save Money: Christmas in July ( Homemade Gift Ideas)

'Tis the season for Strawberries and Blueberries! So why not take advantage of all these delicious berries now, and make some jams that you can use for Christmas gifts? The Barefoot Contessa has a wonderful recipe that is easy and delicious!

Easy Homemade Strawberry Jam (from Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa)


3 Pints Fresh Strawberries
3 cups superfine sugar (I think two cups works great, especially if strawberries are sweet!)
2 Tbs. Grand Marnier or other Orange Liqueur
1/2 Granny Smith apple-peeled, cored and diced
1/2 cup fresh blueberries

Rinse 3 pts. of fresh strawberries under cold running water.
Drain and Hull.
Cut large strawberries in half or quarters, and leave small strawberries whole.
Place strawberries in heavy pot. Add 3 cups superfine sugar, from 2 (1b. bags)
Add 2 Tbs. Grand Marnier or other orange-flavored liqueur.
Bring to boil over medium heat, stirring often.
Add apple and blueberries, while keeping the mixture at a rolling boil.
Continue to stir jam o…

Save a Penny Today

Starting today, if you save a .....

in 30 days                      Dec.25th

penny                    .30                                $1.62   
nickel                    $1.50                            $8.10  
dime                      $3.00$16.20

.25                         $7.50                           $40.50  
.50--                      $15.00                         $81.00  
.75--                      $22.50                         $121.50
1.00--                    $30.00                         $162.00 
2.00--                    $60.00                         $324.00
3.00--                    $90.00                         $486.00 
4.00--                   $120.00                        $648.00 
5.00--                  $150.00                        $810.00
10.00-                  $300.00                       $1620.00

How much money can you save today?

Saving Money: 21 Things You Should Buy Used

There was an an interesting list posted by Wisebread today on items that make more sense financially to buy used than new if you can.

So if you are in the market for any of the following, you may save more money and get more value for your dollar if you buy used rather than buying it brand new:

DVDs and CDs


Video Games

Special Occasion and Holiday Clothing


Ikea Furniture

Games and Toys

Maternity and Baby Clothes

Musical Instruments

Pets! (Adopt from an animal shelter!!)

Home Accents

Craft Supplies


Office Furniture


Hand Tools

Sports Equipment

Consumer Electronics

Gardening Supplies


Recreational Items

Saving Money: Christmas in July (Make it Yourself Gift Ideas)

Save Money this Christmas with homemade gifts! Yes, it is only July, but I am going to start sharing ideas for inexpensive but very nice Christmas presents you can make this holiday season. Enjoy!

Homemade Bath Salts:
This is a very simple and inexpensive gift that is also very easy to make!

Recipe: Epsom SaltsEssential Oils (found in craft stores such as Michaels, or easily ordered online)Glass Jars (No need to buy any jars! Simply wash, dry and use spaghetti sauce jars, baby food jars, or any jars you already have at home. To make the bath salts, fill a jar with the Epsom Salts.
Next, pour all the salts into a measuring cup.
Mix in 10-12 drops of fragrance for each cup of salt.
Mix thoroughly (about two minutes), and fill jar.

Decorate the jar using ribbon and other materials you have around the house. You may want to spray paint the lids or cover them with fabric. Add a pretty label with the name of your bath salts( something that reflects the scent you used, such as Relaxing Lavend…

7-Eleven Celebrates Free Slurpee Day Sunday July 11th!

 7-Eleven stores will be celebrating the Slurpee this Sunday, July 11th with free Slurpees for everyone!!

Grab the kiddos and head to your nearest 7-Eleven between 8am and 11pm to enjoy a 7.11 oz. Slurpee of any flavor you like!

To find the nearest 7-Eleven near you, visit

Happy slurping everyone!

Save Money With an Easy Make Yourself Facial Scub

Save some money while pampering your dry skin to a rejuvenating exfoliating scrub. This homemade facial scrub is easy to make and helps exfoliate, hydrate and soften the skin.

Home-Made Facial  Scrub
2 Tbs. polenta (fine-ground cornmeal)
2 Tbs. yogurt
2 tsp. Honey

Mix the ingredients together carefully. Gently rub the mixture into your skin using both hands. Start at your chin, and use a circular motion and work the facial scrub up the cheeks to the forehead.

Rinse off with tepid water and pat dry,

What Research Says About Our Money Habits

1. Savings is More Successful when it's Done Automatically.

Research shows that the less effort it takes, the more likely people are to contribute to savings. A classic study from a professor at the University of Chicago showed that having employees automatically enrolled in a 401(k) retirement savings plan almost doubled participation rates. Not saving (by opting out) was what required an effort here — and apparently it was too much work!
Try having automatic transfers from your checking account into a savings account. Have  a set amount of cash — even as little as $25 — withdrawn monthly out of your checking account into a credit union's savings account will add up quickly and without any effort on your part.

2. We Spend Less When Using Cash Instead of Credit Cards.

A study by MIT researchers found that people were willing to pay up to twice as much for baseball tickets, for example, when paying with plastic compared with cash. Some researchers have dubbed this phenomenon t…

Download Free e-books at These 5 Websites

Got a Kindle or a Nook, but after spending the money for these electronic readers, have little cash to actually buy any e-books? Check out these 5 sites that offer free and legal downloads (usually a book will be free because the copyright has expired) and enjoy a good book tonight!

1. Project Gutenberg

2. (Science Fiction)

4. Amazon (Visit their site to see what free eBooks are being offered.)

5. Barnes and Nobles (They also usually have free eBooks you can download.)

Also, check with your local library; Many libraries are starting to offer e-books on special library websites that you can download for a week or two. Some libraries are even loaning Kindles with e-books are downloaded on them.

What To Do With Left Over Cheese?

Got cheese? Specifically, those little hunks of left-over cheese sitting around in your refrigerator that you just don't know what to do with? Here is a delicious recipe to whip up using those last little bits of cheese-- just remember to not toss them out anymore, but save them in a plastic baggie until you have enough!

Once you have about 1/2 pound of assorted left over cheese bits (doesn't matter what variety,) make this French treat:

Chop one to two cloves of garlis in a food processor or blender. Add in the cheese and 1/4 cup white wine.Add some pepper to tasteBlend until smooth and creamy.
Spread over French Bread and enjoy!!