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Save Money By Making Extra Money

We can do all we can to stretch those dollars every week, but as we probably have all wondered at one point or another, how can I save money when there is no money to save at the end of the week? Maybe we have successfully made it through yet another week and tightened up our budgets to pay that electric bill,  pay the sign up fees for Little League, or pay the Vet. You know what I mean....there are always expenses that pop up on a weekly/daily basis that make actual saving money tough if not impossible.

So I thought I'd throw in a few ideas from time to time on ways to make a little extra money that could actually be saved --in other words, put away and never touched. Or, be there for that next unexpected expense that comes that tutu your 4 year old daughter wants so badly. Just saying.

I came across a website recently --some of you may already know of it-- called Emerging Cast. It is not going to make you rich, nor pay too many bills, but it might help you out with t…

12 Cheap Ideas For Family Time This Weekend

Plan some quality family time this weekend that will save you money as well as delight the kids. Instead of shopping at the mall, eating out at restaurants and going to the movie theater, try some of these 12 cheap ideas for a fun filled family weekend.

1. Friday night, plan a kids menu dinner just like at the restaurants! Make a menu with two or three choices kids love such as: English Muffin Pizzas (pizza sauce, cheese and muffins!), PB&J sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese. Let the kids "order" their food, and while their selections are being made, give them some crayons and paper.

2. After dinner play some games like Simon Says or charades.

3. Bake cookies for Saturday.

4. Go fly a kite! (you can make kites on Friday night for an after-dinner activity,) or just hang out at the park. Bring inexpensive snacks like pretzels, apple slices, raisins, and fill bottles with water to bring as well.

5. Visit your local library and get books and movies.

6. Make another fun di…

Summer Vacation Planning With Money Saving Tips

Have summer vacation plans this year? Before you start packing, check out these money-saving tips :

1, When making hotel reservations, always call the actual hotel site, not the hotel chain's 800 number. The reservation agents for the 800 numbers are usually in different states or even countries, and may not know about local deals.

2. Call for your reservations on a Sunday afternoon; most managers usually have this day off, and the front desk may be able to give you a better deal.

3. Check for vacation deals at ( they offer great travel deals usually geared towards students, however, you do not have to be in school to get the discounts.)

4, You will find the lowest prices on vacation deals during the couple of weeks before the start of the main vacation travel season, and at the end of the season. Booking your trip before June 15th or after Labor Day can usually save you extra money.

5. Try using or to rent a car. These sites can negotiate l…

Shop Wisely, Save Money

Saving some money by comparison shopping is not a new tip, but are you making sure to do it before you buy that cute red dress online?

Make it easy on yourself to save some money before you shop and buy online by keeping a comparison website in your bookmarks. Something like, where all you need do is type in what you're looking for, and get back a list of selections with pictures, descriptions and links to purchase the item.

Put a sticky note on your laptop, a string around your finger, or whatever it takes to remind yourself to compare prices before you buy!

Trying to Break the Fast Food Habit!

Did you know that according to the U.S. Statistical Abstract (table 668), the average American family spends 12 percent of all their money on food? (The other two biggest areas of spending are housing -34%, and transportation--17%.)

Since food is such a large part of our budgets we really need to focus on ways to save expenses in the eating category if saving money each month is a goal for us. Which means, yes, breaking the dreaded fast food habit. (If you are fast food/drive-thru clean already, congrats to you, and you may want to skip this post...)

The number one way I know of to try and not give in to the urge to grab some burgers and fries on the way home from work, little league, ballet, etc... is to make our freezers our best friends! Seriously, what would be your own personal motivation for heading to the nearest fast food drive-thru, or picking up the phone and ordering a pizza? Sure, you might actually have a craving for some greasy fries and hot pepperoni, but usually it is …