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5 Interesting Uses For Toothpaste (besides brushing teeth!)

Hold on to that almost finished tube of toothpaste! There are at least 5 interesting uses for toothpaste that work well and will save you money-

1. Get Crayon Marks Off Walls!
Squirt a small dab of non-gel toothpaste on the wall where the mark is. Rub gently with a soft cloth, then rinse with warm water.And presto! Crayon "art" is gone! (Maybe you want to take a picture of said "art" first??)

2. Clean Sneakers
Use an old toothbrush and non-gel toothpaste to rub off scuff marks.

3. DVD Scratches be Gone
Well, light scratches anyway. Squeeze a little non-gel toothpaste onto a cotton ball. Wipe over the DVD starting from the center out to the edge. Rinse with water and dry with a non-abrasive lint-free cloth.

4. Polish Your Silver
Squeeze a touch of non-gel toothpaste, that has baking soda as a main ingredient, on a soft cloth and lightly polish your silver to remove the tarnish!

5. De-Fog Your Swimming Goggles
So this one use for toothpaste you may not use so much, but hey-- if you use goggles for swimming, this could be handy one day, right? Just coat the inside of swimming goggles with toothpaste, then wipe off—they’ll be crystal clear.


I know it sounds disgusting, but I have been known to add a smidge of toothpaste to a chocolate melt. Nothing like a choc-mint flavour when there are no cookies in the house. he hehe :-)
Sarah Lou said…
I have used white toothpaste in an emergency to get a spot out of a white t shirt as well.
Jesse Hake said…
Toothpaste can also be used as ointment to minor burns. It is truly a money saver, right? One tube can do almost everything. Just like baking soda that can be used for teeth whitening, cleaning things and, of course, for cooking. Most of the time, things that can be seen in the kitchen and in the bathroom can do so much more than we can ever imagine. It only takes a little discovery to unmask its power.

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