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Managing Debt

The New Year is always a time to start fresh and set new goals. This New Year is going to bring challenges for just about all of us with the economy woes of 2008 still lingering. But that just makes it more important than ever for people to sit down and set realistic financial goals as soon as possible. If you or someone you know is trying to Avoid Bankruptcy, it is vital to take action right away. Once the Christmas tree is down and the decorations have been put away, get started making your financial plans for 2009. Setting a firm budget and sticking to it will be important this year. Maybe finding some ways to increase your income will help some reduce their debt and improve their finances.
There are financial websites on the Internet that can help you determine your financial "health" currently, and help you figure out solutions to deal with your debt. You can get debt and finance advice right online, and analyze your individual situation. Research debt repayment plans a…

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Put on some Christmas music and take a deep breath! Now, don't you feel a tad bit better? Yes, it is almost Christmas Eve and you may be having a panic attack (or two) with funds low and names still on your list, but there is still plenty of brainstorming time left. So here are some last minute Chistmas gift ideas that are cheap but still wonderful to give:

1. Make a collage of pictures and frame it. You can always use a frame that you have at home already.

2. Make some salt dough Christmas decorations for gifts. Use cookie cutters to make decorations, make hand prints, make dog and cat paw prints for animal lovers on your list, etc.

3. Have your kids draw, paint or sketch "masterpieces", have them date and sign their artwork, and then frame them for grandparent gifts from the heart!

4. Visit your local drugstore and get some creative inexpensive gifts such as:

Variety of tea bags and a new mug (wrap in cellophane with festive ribbons.

Buy a package of plastic spoons an…

A New Service That Can Save You Time

The next time you want to get some information and or a quick review on a product, you might want to try using review kings. It is a service just as the name implies...they do reviews and present information on just about everything under the sun! From alternatie energy sources to Football Betting this site will give you information in minutes. Check it out and see how easy it is to use! You know how the saying goes...Time is money!

Some Very Cheap (but nice) Christmas Gifts to Make

Budgets are tighter than tight this holiday season. The best piece of advice I have heard is this : Do not feel stressed or guilty or even sad if you are not able to buy the gifts you'd like to for Christmas presents this year. You are not alone, most people are in the same boat with you!

So what do you do if money is low or practically non-existent for Christmas this year? Get creative and have some fun making home made gifts from the heart.

How about making some home made bubble bath for presents? Use glass jars from mayonnaise, pickles, jelly, relish and such for the containers (of course after the jars have been washed and dried well!)

A new cook book (doesn't have to be expensive-- shop sales at bookstores, thrift stores and libraries) with new kitchen mittens can make a cute gift for chefs in the family.

And don't forget the tried and true idea of hand made gift certificates. Print some out or simply write some out and give as gifts. Things like free babysitting, a day…

Ideas For Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is less than 20 days away! Now that is scary. There are actually 17 days left, if you wanted to know. Sorry if you didn't!

Anyhoo--starting to sweat a bit? Are there some people on your list that you can't figure out what to get them? One thing I have found that helps me is to think about someone's interests and hobbies. Then try to think of gifts that can fit into the person's lifestyle. For outdoor enthusiasts, like hikers and campers (because soon enough we'll be back to summer time!), outdoor gear would probably always be appreciated, like Surefire Flashlights. Reusable items are always a good gift to give as presents-- they make sense economically as well as being good for the environment.
And with flashlights, that is something that most of us just don't seem to have enough of anyway. Having an extra one or two in the car is especially important, as is having them in the house. So this is a gift that can do double duty and be used over and over.