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Save Money Dinner Recipe #2

Here's another quick and inexpensive dinner that will save you money at the grocery store:

Mac'N Cheese With Veggies
Pudding Parfaits for Dessert

For the macaroni and cheese, one box will give you about 4 servings. If you want more servings, use two boxes.

Prepare the macaroni and cheese as normal. When you add the pasta to the boiling water, also add in a package (10 oz.,)of frozen mixed vegetables. Then drain and add lowfat milk and cheese sauce as normal.

If you have leftover chicken, cut and add to the macaroni and cheese as well.

Add a cucumber salad on the side.

For dessert, make some instant pudding using lowfat or nonfat milk, add some cool whip and enjoy.

Easy simple and filling dinner that is also inexpensive.

picture source-Kraft

Be Green, Save Money and Redecorate

When your sofa starts looking tired and old, save money and be good to the environment by choosing to cover it instead of throwing it away. This option will save you money and will save the landfills from one more piece of furniture. There are all kinds of colors, fabrics and styles available in sofa covers that can dramatically transform an old sofa to look brand new again. Covers for Leather Furniture are even available now, and according to this press release, leather couches are traditionally very popular:

Leather furniture has dominated the new-furniture market now for the last eight years, accounting for up to 60% of sales.
Understandably, some of it is starting to look a little worn and tired. The upshot is that householders put up with the worn-out look - or throw their suites onto landfill. Now, thanks to, an ingenious new alternative is released this week - chenille loose covers that offer a designer look and a sumptuous feel.

Loose covers for leather furn…

Save Money and Make Stronger Coffee

You can stretch your coffee by using two filters next time you brew a pot. The coffee will come out richer and stronger and you can stretch your coffee grind much longer!

Pour used coffee grinds on your lawn, especially areas where the lawn is not growing well. The grinds make a great fertilizer.

Coffee grounds make a great body/facial scrub!

Sprinkle some used coffee grounds in the cat litter box for a natural deodorizer.

Keep some coffee grounds in a container by the sink to use for scrubbing pots and pans.

This one I have not tried, but I have heard it really works. Rub coffee grounds vigorously on cellulite areas while in the shower. Coffee is a stimulant and will break down fat deposits when rubbed on those areas.

Save Money With Toothpaste

Got toothpaste? Here are a few money saving tips for your regular everyday toothpaste!

Carpet Stain Remover

Use a strong brush and some toothpaste to scrub out a stain on your carpeting. Rinse well when you are done. This will save you from spending money on expensive floor spot/stain cleaners.

Coffee Table Rings Remover

Rub some toothpaste onto the ring with a soft cloth. Dry off with another cloth, slightly damp. Then polish table like normal.

Crayon Marks Remover

For crayon art on your walls, simply rub toothpaste on the crayon with a soft damp towel. Wipe off with a dry cloth.

Some Saturday Freebies

Collecting Change Really Counts!

It will be easier for you to save change every day if you really stay aware of just how much the miscellaneous coins add up to.

For example, 40 quarters will be $10.00, so aim to get 40 quarters saved throughout a week. If you keep the goal simple and clearly defined, it will make accomplishing it so much easier! If every Sunday night you have your 40 quarters saved, that's $10.00 for your savings account.

50 dimes will be $5.00, so every dime you see, pick up. If you can aim to get 50 dimes throughout a week, come Sunday evening you will have and additional $5 to add to your $10.

So keep it simple and straightforward. Know exactly what your goal is (say 40 quarters a week), and you will be much more likely to not only accomplish your goal but to stay motivated while doing it.

Make a Weekly Budget Using Envelopes

Here is an idea that I read in a magazine quite a while ago, but it made such an impression on me that I have used it many times.

Each week make a budget for the week by using an envelope for each area of spending you'll be doing. For example, you would have an envelope for bills, one for grocery shopping, and an envelope for savings. Just make sure you have an envelope for every category you can think of (school supplies, entertainment, cleaners, pet supplies, etc..)

Make a detailed list of amounts/items you will be buying/spending, and put that amount o money in the appropriate envelope. For mortgages/rents, you may want to divide the full amount into 4 payments, and each week add that amount to the envelope so at the end of the month you will have the full amount. Same with monthly utility/phone bills.

If you have money left over, put it in the savings envelope, and SAVE IT--do not spend it! At the end of the month, deposit that savings in a bank account.

When you go to the gr…

Save Money By Green Cleaning With Natural Cleaning Products

Save money on your grocery bill by cutting out or down on the chemical cleaning supplies. Here are a few ideas for cleaning supplies you can make with chemical free items you may already have at home.

Furniture Polish : Mix one part lemon juice with two parts olive oil.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Pour about 3 cup white vinegar into toilet bowl and about once a week add some vinegar to the tank to help keep the toilet bowl clean.

Laundry: Use white vinegar, about 1/2 cup to 1 cup, in the rinse cycle instead of store bought fabric softener sheets. You can also add vinegar to those laundry balls that you just throw in with the clothes to have soft fluffy laundry.

Dishes: For hand washing your dishes, use a half lemon with baking soda sprinkled on it to wash your dishes and get them sparkly clean (some pots and pans may still need the tough scrubber sponge though.) In the dishwasher, use vinegar instead of detergent. Just pour about 1/2 cup into the bottom of the dishwasher.

Drain Cleaner: Put a…

Save Money With Craig's List

I know this is probably not a new idea to many, but thought it should be mentioned anyway.

Craig's List is a fantastic place to look for freebies from toys to clothes to house wares and furniture. We got a backyard play set (wooden with swings, slide and playhouse) for free on Craig's List. My hubby just had to take it apart and bring it home. It took a few days, but he got it set up in our backyard and our boys have a blast on it.

You may not find the item you are looking for right away, but keep checking the free stuff frequently. Free items are always being added on Craig's List, and it can get addicting checking the listings, so be forewarned, lol.

Plus, people list things for sale very cheaply on Craig's List, so check there before you go out and buy a certain item at the store.

Save Money With a Meatless Dinner

Skip the meat and save some money! There are lots of meatless recipes around that are delicious and healthy. If you cut back on the meat in your meals, or stop eating it completely, you will save money on your next grocery bill.

Here is an idea for an inexpensive but yummy meatless dinner:

Spaghetti with marinara sauce (buy the cheapest sauce and spice it up with seasonings at home such as garlic and basil and a touch of salt.) and a Cucumber Salad.

Cucumber Salad Recipe:

2-3 cucumbers thinly sliced

Just put cucumber slices in a bowl, splash on the vinegar, add salt and pepper to taste.