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Quick Money Saving Tips For Around The House

Here are a few quick tips that can save you time and money around your house!

1. If you have a screw that is stuck and/or corroded, soak a paper towel in hot sauce (yes, hot sauce!) and wrap the paper around the screw. The acids in the sauce should eat up the rust and the screw should turn easily.

2. Grease stains on tablecloths can be removed by sprinkling Splenda on the stains. The powder absorbs the oil and keeps the stain from becoming a permanent one.

3. Paint brushes can be easily cleaned and saved for the next paint job: soak the brushes in two gallons of water and a fabric softener sheet. Your paint brushes will be clean and the bristles will not get gummy and sticky.

4. To remove a bumper sticker on your car window or bumper, rub some mayonnaise over the sticker and let sit for a few minutes. The mayonnaise actually helps remove the glue so the sticker peels off easily and without damaging your car!

Winner of the $50 Easter Store Giveaway!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway! The lucky winner who gets to go do some Easter shopping is:


CarliAlice @ GG2Life said.
I like the happy easter store on facebook. grandmasguide2life   Congratulations! Watch for the confirmation email, and please confirm w/in 24 hours to get your shopping code!

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