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Make Money With Blogging

It can be difficult and frustrating to focus on saving money these days if you have absolutely no extra money at the end of a day to save. Which is why it is a good idea to investigate and explore ways to make some additional income.
I have talked about some ways to make extra money before on this blog, but have another way that I thought I would mention as well. Blogging is not a new idea at all anymore--I know more people who have at least one blog more than I know people who have no blogs or any idea of what blogging is. Many people blog just to have an outlet for thoughts, feelings, sharing stories, etc. Personal blogs are like online journals, and are very cool. But many bloggers have made money by doing reviews on their blogs. And this is something that can be done anytime of day or night, and from home as well (or wherever you want for that matter.)
Paid blogging for a review site such as Paying Post is a fun way to make some extra money each month that you can use to impleme…

Staying Healthy In Financially Stressed Times

In this tough economy it is easy to become depressed and feel like giving up. With stores closing, people being laid off and foreclosures left and right, who wouldn't get discouraged?

I know it sounds almost like a non-priority, but now more than ever it is important to take care of ourselves and our health. Exercise and healthy eating will not only make us feel better physically, but it absolutely will affect, positively, our mental states. Physical activity will release endorphins into our system which naturally make us feel better mentally. And a good attitude will go a long way in managing our stress and staying healthy, thus avoiding medical bills.

When stressed, over indulging in unhealthy food and alcohol can be crutches many turn to. That will in turn lead to health problems, which of course can turn will simply increase financial stress.
So even if it takes something like alcoholism rehab to get back on track to a healthy lifestyle, then it should be done. Whatever it take…

Ideas For Making Extra Money From Home

Everyone seems to be on the same page these days--trying to save money in this very blue economy we are in.

Saving money by doing things like cutting back on purchases, growing your own veggies and such, eating out way less (or not at all?), carpooling, walking instead of driving, using coupons, etc. are all good choices right now. But what about making some extra money ? Working outside of he home, or getting a second job may not be feasible for everyone, so what ways can we make extra income from home?

1. Sell Your Extra Books.
You can go online to cash4books and make some extra money selling your books you are done with. Cash4books will buy textbooks, audio books, soft cover books, hard cover books and they even pay shipping costs. All you need to do is enter the ISBN code to find out if Cash4Books will buy it.

2. Visit and list and sell DVDs and video games. You can list easier and not pay listing fees like with eBay. Even though is a part of eBay, it is easi…

Keeping Health Insurance In Your Budget

I feel it is so important to note that even during tough times when every penny counts, health insurance is one thing we should not give up. Think about it. It may seem like an expense you could do without for a short period of time, say until you get a new job or a your business improves, but that short time can easily turn into a very long extended period. And unfortunately, accidents and illnesses do not wait patiently on the sidelines until you have health insurance once again.
I remember one time when we had no coverage of any kind. With my husband being self-employed, and me not working outside of the home, we are guilty of foregoing the insurance coverage from time to time to "save money." My daughter was taking karate lessons and as fate would have it, one day in class she broke her arm. Between the emergency room visit, X-rays and orthopedic surgeon, our lack of health insurance ended up being one costly mistake we will never make again.
So if you are in between jobs…

Ways To Be More Frugal This Year

Happy New Year! I have not kept up too much with my blog over the holidays, but am ready to jump back in and get 2009 off to a great year for savings!

So today I thought I'd share a batch of new and not so new tips for saving and being frugal--Enjoy!

1. Do not throw away old socks with holes--use them for dusting and washing floors. Much cheaper than buying those mops and sweepers!
2. Buy some seeds and grow your own garden.
3. Make extra batches of pancakes from scratch and then freeze for breakfast during the week. Much cheaper than buying brand name frozen pancakes and waffles at the market.
4. Make burritos and freeze them snacks, dinners and even breakfast. Cook the ingredients for your burritos, wrap in flour tortillas, and lay them side by side on a cookie sheet. Freeze completely. When they are completely frozen, place the burritos in sealed freezer bags. Just heat in the microwave (usually 1-2 minutes, but be careful as microwaves heat differently)and enjoy. Cheaper and h…